WHAT IS An intentional community?

At CMYK, we believe relationships have the greatest impact on our lives.  Relationships happen in community, whether it's a community of two or twenty.  So we make a point of gathering regularly with others to connect and care for one another and to practice and process being present, honest, open and love(d). We call these Intentional Communities.  An intentional community can be a meal with friends, a coffee date, a generic hang out or anything in between.  Independent of your belief system, place in life, or history these are spaces to connect and care for one another. Above and beyond our Sunday Gatherings, Podcasts, or anything else we might create, we hope that a CMYK intentional community is the thing that makes it into your life and schedule.  


Each of our CMYK communities is led by amazing people with a heart to know, serve and move forward together as friends, family and neighbor.  Our vision to see more and more intentional communities established within the larger CMYK Community.  We understand building relationship and community takes time, so we never expect the conversation to go any “deeper” or personal than what is comfortable and natural.

Many of our intentional communities are meal groups that meet in different parts of the city at different times during the week.  Others create one-on-one communities or a group surrounding a shared passion like music or art.  The key for all of them is regular connection time, so each person can know and be known by the others.  



Kids are always welcome at CMYK.  As for how it might play out with kids...that’s determined by the leader of the specific intentional community and the others in the group.

Here are some things that might happen:
         Kids could hang out with their parents throughout the evening.
         Kids could play with the other kids present.
         Kids could be cared for by one of the adults present (volunteering to fill that role for the week).


Looking to plug into a CMYK Intentional Community?
Shoot us an email at cmykcommunity@gmail.com or a text at 406-647-0474.
You are also always welcome to connect with us at a Sunday Gathering and we’ll work with you to get you plugged in.